Disclaimer: Originally posted on SUNY New Paltz student study abroad blogs website.

In less than 10 days …

I really cannot believe I will be going to South Korea. Every time I get an email about the English Village in Dankook or about my arrival, it reminds me again – I am really going to South Korea.

It feels weird to me because South Korea is a place I have been wanting to go to since high school, approximately 5 years ago. Just a year ago, I was telling everyone that once I go to South Korea, I will never come back. Of course, it was a joke and I never knew I would be going so soon. Plus, my mom would never let me stay in a foreign country, alone, for a long period of time. Actually, I am really surprised with how supportive my parents have been on my decision of studying abroad – though I am pretty sure they have expected this from me anyways.

As I count the days till my trip, I am both excited and nervous to be going on an international journey. I have never been abroad alone before, especially to a country where I do not know the language. But this will be a learning opportunity for me and I will keep you posted on my study abroad in South Korea!

안녕, Viv


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