First Day of Teaching at Cheonan (천안) Campus!

Disclaimer: Originally posted on the SUNY New Paltz Study Abroad Student Blog Posts – a few edits may have been made.

Cheonan Campus: Do I like it more than Jukjeon Campus? Other disappointments. First Day of Teaching.

After spending a day here at Cheonan campus I have to say the biggest difference between Cheonan and Jukjeon is the environment. Cheonan is more flat, and more “countryside.” Jukjeon is built up while Cheonan campus is spread out – similar to how the countryside and urban places are in America. Cheonan campus has a huge lake, which my students told me that if I bring a friend-boy there, we would end up being a couple … of course there would be a legend like this here, it is K O R E A.

I can’t say, as of now, if I like Jukjeon or Cheonan campus more. I think I have to stay longer and learn more about Cheonan campus, and the area outside the campus to really judge. I think my only problem with Cheonan campus is not knowing how to get to the town/city, and how to get to Seoul from here. People say that getting to Seoul from Cheonan campus will only take one hour – it takes two hours to get to Seoul from Jukjeon campus, which is good!

Another small difference is the laundry room. They require that you buy a card, which is found out later when I went back to the Jukjeon Campus that this was also the system there. You would purchase the card for 1,000 ₩ ~ $1.00. After purchasing the card, then you can fill it up with credit. Luckily for me, there was a card left on one of the washers so I just used that card and did my laundry. I have also heard mixed reviews about the dryers. Some say that the dryers are not good and will not do its job. So, me being a cheap person, I did not pay the extra 1,000₩. So I now have wet clothes, and hope that I will not run out of dry clothes before the next time I will need to be doing laundry.

From my friends that came to Cheonan campus last year, they said that we would be living with 3 other people, the air conditioner will work at all times, and that the dorms would overall be better. However, the format of the dorm is the same as in Jukjeon campus for Woongbi Hall. I believe I live in Danwoo Hall in Cheonan – I’ll correct this if I find out that I am wrong.
In Danwoo hall, the girls live on one side and the guys live on another side. This is the same in Woongbi Hall, however, in Woongbi Hall the Global Village females live in the same side as the males despite having a female side of the dormitory. This makes it easier for the females and males to not to visit each other in each other in our dormitory rooms at Danwoo Hall.

Okay, now to the fun part. The first day of teaching. WOW, despite doing this last year, the anxiety and the nervousness was real. I mean, meeting any one for the first time is pretty nerve wrecking for me. But the first day was awesome. I have an intermediate class in the morning and a beginner class in the afternoon. At first I thought that the two levels would be similar, but there is a significance difference. Intermediate definitely makes more of an effort to talk in English – not saying that my beginners were not willing, it’s just that my intermediate students, despite having a difficult time trying to phrase things, were able to come up with something to say eventually.
I think for my beginner class I should speak slower. I know when I was teaching last year, they told me that for beginner class, you would be speaking most of the time, which is true. I feel that the English seems to overwhelm them though so I am having mix feelings on whether I should speak less or more.
I’m not sure if my students liked me but I guess I will see when they decide to come to class or not tomorrow. -_-

Next mission: Get to Seoul this weekend!
Till Then.


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