Jukjeon Campus to Cheonan Campus!

Disclaimer: Originally posted on the SUNY New Paltz Study Abroad Student Blog Posts – a few edits may have been made.

#cheonan #vivckorea Gonna miss this lake!

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Two Campuses. Why I am going to Cheonan Campus. Pros and Cons.

It was great to come back to Jukjeon campus – before I go further, Dankook University has two campuses. One in Jukjeon, closer to Seoul but it is in the Gyeonggi-Do province. While the other campus, Cheonan, is in the South Chungcheong province. The past few days I spent in Jukjeon was great because I was able to spend time with friends that I made last year, and with the new comers.

Since I stayed at Jukjeon campus last year and spent many of my weekends or after class time at Seoul and traveling in that city, I thought it would be good to spend this year in a different setting. I heard mixed comments about the Cheonan campus, but none the less, everyone who went to Cheonan said that it was a great experience.

Some Pros I heard:
1) The air conditioning works all the time in the dorms.
2) You experience more parts of Korea.
3) There is a smaller group going to Cheonan campus, thus more bonding.
4) There is no hill at Cheonan campus, so there is no need for hiking!
5) Beautiful lake!

Some Cons I heard:
1) Mosquitoes/Bug problems.
2) Farther away from Seoul.

Right now I am excited to be going to Cheonan campus in a few hours. 24 hours from now, I’ll be meeting my class that I will be spending the English Village with. The anxiety.

Next Post shall be about the first day in Cheonan!

Till then.


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