Acrobatics – Wish I could move like that!

I am a sucker for live performances, so when I found this one online for a discounted price at I believe 230元 ~$37, I thought why not? I was able to get a pretty decent seat as well, I sat at the fourth row so I was not too close to the performers and could see the bigger picture. I booked my tickets online, and just went to the ticket booth to pick up my tickets, TIP: never pay beforehand, you will never know if it is a scam, always pay in person!

This was an amazing performance and I wished that more people were in the audience because the act was phenomenal! There was a person that stacked chairs upon chairs till he reached the ceiling! Then there was this sphere that had 8 motorcycles that fit in there, 8! It was getting crowded in there, but they kept adding more. The girls on the bicycles were also amazing. There was a point that they all were stacked on 1 bike, 1 bike! Plus, there were 10+ girls. Imagining this is really difficulty so if you ever get a chance to go to Beijing, I would definitely stop by here.

Another thing, I realized that at this event most of the audience were foreigners … so, if you are a foreigner, this is the place to go apparently. Also, if you are in this area, you can actually take a 20 minute walk to the international shopping hub called 三里屯 (San-li-tun). I will have a separate post about this!


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