Chinese take on Korean BBQ

My sister really wanted to go Korean BBQ (barbecue) but the closest ones to us are in Koreatown, 32nd Street, New York, NY, since we live in the Lower East Side. We could have also gone to Picnic Garden, which is located in Queens, but that is quite far from us, and I realize that Picnic Garden’s selections are kind of limited, and that the only one that I also choose is pork belly (삼겹살). Thus, I think that pay $20+ (including tax and tip) really is not worth it. So I went on Yelp and found that there was a self barbecue restaurant nearby.

In the end, it was only me and my parents that went to this restaurant. This place is called Hometown Hotpot and BBQ, at this place you get the option to do all you can eat hotpot, all you can eat bbq, or all you can eat hotpot and bbq. Personally, I think it is kind of weird to eat hotpot and bbq, I just feel like it does not go well together, so me and my parents ended up just getting the all you can eat bbq.

The service here was not bad, I think that because it was the day after New Years and it is still in the holiday seasons this place was crowded, which is why the service might have been slow. I also did not like that I had to tell the people what I wanted, but this is the trend for any hotpot restaurant. I wish I was able to self serve so that I could see how much meat I wanted and what meat. I could pick the meat I wanted but for some reason I felt like what I ordered did not always come to me. So if I ordered chicken, I ended up getting pork. To be honest I did not mind this too much because it did taste good, but since I did order a specific kind of meat, I was expected that to come.

They had a good selection go meat, chicken, pork, beef, and seafood, and a few vegetable options. They also had a lot of sauces, mainly for hotpot, but you could definitely have been creative and created a wicked blend for your barbecued meat also.

I did really like their dessert, it was a combination of coconut milk, sweet potato, and little pearls – completely spacing out on the name right now, but this was the highlight of this restaurant.

I do want to go back because I want to try their hotpot, I think it is $21, while barbecue is $24, and if you wanted both it would have been $30. I think the numbers are a little off, but the hotpot was definitely the cheapest option.

There are also other all you can eat hotpot restaurants in the neighborhood, for example Huo Yi Hotpot, and 99 Favors, so I think the fact that they added the barbecue element to their restaurant, it helped to differentiate this restaurant from other all you can eat hotpot places.


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