Vivi’s Cloud 9

Cotton, Ice Cream, Bubble Milk Tea – how do they all go together? Disaster or masterpiece?

Vivi …. always thought it was Uiui because of the bubbly and chubby font they used to have. Insider joke: I ALWAYS and still, call this place Ooo-ee Ooo-ee. My opinion, it sounds so much cooler than Vivi, even though that’s part of my name.

The Vivi franchise is a bubble milk tea store, which also sell snacks in addition to the main menu of drinks. This specific location of Vivi, located in Lower East Side, New York City, is the only location thus far with this drink. I have also noticed that this location has more snacks/food options. Typically, Vivi does only offer small snacks such as fried chicken, fried squid, etc … but this location has ramen, and sushi rolls, making it a great location for not only a drink but also a meal. Now I have not tried the food options, only the fried chicken, from this location so I say whether or not it is a good eating spot, but it is definitely unique compared to the other locations of Vivi in New York City, because of the difference in menu.

Anyways, this product has been circulating well around my social circle and I just had to get it. It is aesthetically adorable, and creative. I have never seen anything like this. Plus, this is something that I know I can not make at home, way too tedious and messy.

They offer the classic bubble milk tea, taro milk tea, and more, but the one I chose was the matcha green tea. It is topped with cotton candy – not sure what flavor, but you do not have an option to pick which cotton candy flavor either. Plus another small container of matcha green tea topped with whipped cream, and a little container of red beans. This drink is definitely overwhelming, you just do not know where to start and how to eat/drink this. The waiter told us that the most popular method to eat this was to take the small container of the matcha green tea and use that to deflate and push in the cotton candy into the main jar. However, the drink overflowed, and everything just got messy. So I ended up eating all the cotton candy first, while simultaneously sipping on the matcha green tea. As for the little pot of red beans, I dumped it into the main jar of matcha green tea, and slurped it altogether. BTW, the main drink had a scoop of cookies n’ creme ice cream, which definitely added another interesting flavor to this drink.

This is definitely a great drink for dates, hanging out with friends, snacking over while having conversations, and relaxing.

I do not think I would order this often, since I consider this more of a “luxury” drink, and a treat to myself – so if I was having a really sh*tty week or day, I would get this to make myself feel better.

Overall, really good drink, and definitely, something you have to try at least once.

**Not sure if they are still offering this option, but if you order this drink and upload this on your social media and show the post to them, they offer a 50% off coupon for your next drink you order at Vivi, but I believe you would have to come back to this Vivi and order a drink (not like this but the regular menu – bubble milk tea, etc …) in order to use that coupon.


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