Chinese take out. Baggin’ it.

Take out, commonly used for people who are in a rush, too lazy to cook for themselves, and for those who do not want to pay tip for staying in a restaurant – now thats cheap, but when you’re me, that’s what you do.

Usually in America the restaurant waiters give you boxes for your to go meals, in China they give you bags. The term “doggie bag,” is taken literal here.

I remember when I went back to Burma when I was 10 years old, when we also order to go meals or snacks, they were also put in baggies like this. Something unique about Burma (though there are plenty), I remember that they would clip the meals on a string linked to our apartment, and the bell would ring. That was when we knew our delivery was here – now thats delivery.

Most people would transfer their meal into a bowl by simply placing the bagged meal into the bowl and eating out of the bag, using the bowl as a form.

Near my dormitory there is a 麻辣汤 (Ma La Tang), spicy soup, small shop – more like section of the cafeteria, which is where I got my post – English teaching meal from, because it was the only place near that was open from 7PM to 12AM – not that going off campus was far. I’m just lazy, and tired after the long day.

This is also simple and something that I would generally make when I am home anyways. Just ramen, vegetable, and meat like fish balls, fish cakes, etc … So I guess this would be my comfort food. But this had MSG (monosodium glutamate), which is an additive flavoring, and many claim this is unhealthy for you, but scientists still have no direct claim that it is. However, I am not used to MSG so I would always have a bubble form in my mouth due to the MSG, at least that is my theory.

P.S. On the left side I have Gong Cha, which is a bubble milk tea shop, which is FAR (30 minutes walking distance) from my campus. (LINK HERE ABOUT GONG CHA: )


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