The Counter – Times Square!

After finish ice skating at Bryant Park in New York City, we were hungry and wanted a good bite of food to eat (this was back in January!)

After searching through Yelp, a mobile app, we found The Counter. It had $$ so we knew it was going to be a little expensive, especially for a college students’ budget, but I was hungry and really wanted a good burger after coming back from China. Plus, other places to eat in this area was still going to be a bit on the pricier side of life anyways, so we did not have too many options for cheap food anyways.

The Counter is located in Times Square/Theatre District, so I expected to find many tourists at this spot but on the contrary, I spotted many people here who were in business, professional attire, so I am assuming this was a popular place to eat with co-workers, and friends.

The waiters there were lovely, they answered well to all of our questions. Despite TheCounter having a casual and busy atmosphere, for some reason there was still a need to act proper, maybe it was because of the area and the type of people who were there that I felt the pressure to act in that manner.

I’m pretty sure that I ordered the “Old School,” which is basically a cheeseburger. You get the option to ask how you would like your meat done – well done, medium rare, and rare.
Through Yelp, we were able to get a free side of fries also (hopefully this deal is still there!) – either regular fries or sweet potato fries. As you can see from the picture, I opted for the regular french fries.

There is also the option to make your own burger, by checking off the ingredients you would like included.
There are also alcoholic drinks, like beer, which would be perfect with the burger, shakes, cause its a burger joint and you have to have shakes, and cocktails, which would probably go better with the salads.

The burger: It was heavy but not greasy. They give you a good amount of meat and the buns are crispy and fluffy. Definitely need to open your mouth big in order to get a bite outta this huge burger. Nothing about this burger was oily and disgusting but very fresh and the ingredients they used were all fresh and of good quality.
The fries: They were skinnier than I thought it would be – I guess I just assumed that the fries would be like potato wedges or thicker fries since America is all about “bigger is better,” yes, quoting ‘yonce here, but I like that they were skinnier because it made it easier to control my fries intake and create a nice balance when I alternated between my burger and my fries.
My friend ordered the sweet potato fries and we both agreed that we were not that impressed. The flavor of the sweet potato was missing, which I find off because it is sweet potato fries, but it tasted more smoky and barbecued, which overtook the sweet potato’s natural flavor.

Overall, I really like this place and if I ever happen to be in this area or begin my “adult” life and need a burger joint that is not a fast food chain, I would definitely be back at this location.


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