Cheese Egg Tart – say what?!?!?

Learn Chinese!

Cheese: 奶酪 (năilào)

Egg tart: 蛋挞 (dàntà)

While I was in Hong Kong (香港) I was living in the Mong Kok  (旺角) area of Hong Kong (香港) – I would consider this the shopping area, similar to New York City’s SoHo.

One day while I was just walking around and about, I passed by this candy shop, however, outside the candy shop there was this big poster that had a picture of an egg tart with cheese gushing out of it and I’m like … well would you look at this creation. Plus, being the foodie that I am, I thought “hey, I like cheese, and I like egg tarts, ima go in and buy me a cheese egg tart.” I think this was kind of expensive – the equivalence of $3, BUT I found this cheese egg tart in Shang Hai (上海) for less than $1 SOOOOO I feel ripped off. But in Hong Kong (香港) they made it by themselves and was served straight from the oven, so I guess the quality of the cheese egg tarts in Hong Kong are better – though the taste was really similar.

I was thirsty when I purchased the cheese egg tart in Hong Kong (香港), but I knew that if I ate it later the taste was not going to be the same. So I sucked it up and took a bite out of the cheese egg tart, and let me tell you – this was magical. **Eating tip: eat this fresh.

Now that I am back home, I am wondering why does America, despite all of our creative and unique inventions, still have not created or brought over this lovely invention of cheese egg tarts – WHY?! The usual 蛋挞 (dàntà) you would see in NYC’s Chinatown is just a simple dense and crumbly pie crust, that is filled with sweet egg custard (mainly egg yolk). I am writing this is 2016, and the 蛋挞 (dàntà) in Chinatown is still under $1, so let’s keep it that way economy.

Ooo, thinking and writing about the cheese egg tart now is making my tummy growl and my mouth salivate. One day I will reunite with the cheese egg tart, but till then, I will stuff myself with other delicious food. Therefore, if you are ever in Hong Kong (香港) or in Shang Hai (上海) – be on the lookout for this awesome treat because it is a definite must try!

P.S. In Hong Kong (香港) there was a store for it but in Shang Hai (上海), I only came across it by accident and it was in a shop in the underground metro station, so I am not entirely too sure about how popular and accessible the egg cheese tart is in mainland China.


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