Korean Chinese Food – For when you don’t want American Chinese food.

I did a recent post about Korean Chinese food and featured 짬(Jjam)뽕(Ppong) – a spicy seafood soup and noodle dish.

As for this post, I went to eat Korean Chinese food, or Northern Chinese food, in NYC. The restaurant I went to is called Hyo Dong Gak. This restaurant is located on 35th street and is close by to Korea town and shopping. I ended up going here because I bought a Groupon voucher and decided to head over with my family to see what was up.

Starting from the upper left hand corner of the picture, we ordered 짬(Jjam)뽕(Ppong) and it was the standard 짬(Jjam)뽕(Ppong). It was at a right level of spiciness. The noodles were thick – not udon size, and chewy. They gave a good amount of seafood to go along with the soup and noodles – I was scared that they were gonna be cheap with the seafood, but nope, they did well. They didn’t give me a lil octopus like the one in Korea, but it was still a good amount of seafood.

The upper right hand corner features 짜(Jja)장(Jang)면(Myeon), which is a noodle dish with black bean paste. Often times it just has onions and meat in the sauce, but I find that most restaurants barely give meat and only a hefty portion of onions. Or in the replacement of meat, diced potatoes. However, this restaurant was a bit more generous. It still did not give a huge serving of meat, but it gave a nice handful of meat in the huge serving. Plus, the meat were also not minced – I hate minced meat, unless in dishes like Mapo Tofu. A side note with 짜(Jja)장(Jang)면(Myeon), you have to mix the dish once it arrives because if you don’t, the noodles will stick to each other and you end up with a clump of noodles that are separate from the sauce.

The bottom pictures feature two different styles of dumplings, or in Korean 만(Man)두(Du). The ones on the left are steamed and the one on the right are fried dumplings. I find that many Americans (I’m Burmese and Chinese American, so I did not know of this before) call fried dumplings “potstickers.” The name makes sense to me now that I have made fried dumplings and they have stuck to the pot. Anywho. These are the two types of 만(Man)두(Du) listed on their menu, and I believe they do have meat in them. My mom personally liked the fried dumplings better because she loves anything fried, but I liked both. I think I would go towards the steamed dumplings more only because the other dishes can be a bit much in flavor so having steamed dumplings tones down the heaviness from the other dishes.

I have to say, the portions of each of the dishes were HUGE. So it definitely does well if you are planning to go “family style” (sharing each dish with the whole table) when coming here. Plus, the prices are super reasonable for the price you are paying.


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