Blue Ribbon Friend Chicken – #cluckyeah

So New York City is known for their burgers from Shake Shack, but could there be competition in town??

This is Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken – located in New York City and also in Las Vegas. I honestly just learned about them through Instagram explore. Of course, me being the food lover that I am, Instagram decided to share this account with me. I was attracted to their burger posts and I knew that I had to try it when I went back to NYC – I might have been studying abroad in China at the time or away at college.

I got The Blue Ribbon with a side of small fries. Honestly, it is not too different from other burgers – definitely no where like Shake Shack because Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken uses only chicken, whereas Shake Shack uses beef. The fries were also nothing special. However, what I did like about this restaurant is the environment and feel. It gives off this southern feel, making it feel homey. This place is also really clean and well lit (lighting-wise) so it feels like a fast food joint for the family. I also really liked the array of sauces they had on the table, giving you the option to build whatever flavor you want.

Definitely a place to try out if you are in the city and is looking for a good burger joint that is not too crowded or mainstream like Shake Shack – not saying the Shake Shack is not worth trying out if you come to New York City. However, if you are into restaurants or food places that are not well known, this is a good place to hit up.


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