Ice Cream Rolls: 10 Below Edition.

The hype has finally toned down, so the wait is no longer out the door.

Ice Cream Rolls: literally ice cream that are rolled, and usually decorated with whatever topping you desire. AKA stir-fried ice cream.

The way they do this is by adding cream, and the flavor: matcha powder, fruit, etc … to the cream that is on this machine. This machine is cold so that the cream mixture can develop into the “ice cream” texture. The person making your ice cream roll would have to mix and spread this mixture often (usually takes 5 minutes) for the consistency to form.

Enough of that … onto the taste and important stuff.

The ice cream roll featured in this post is from 10 Below. This ice cream roll joint gained popularity and all of Chinatown jumped on to the ice cream roll trend.

Honestly do not remember what I got exactly in this picture – but it was my first time. These ice cream rolls – and this is also true about other ice cream roll joints in the city, is that it is light yet creamy because you’re only catching a thin layer of ice cream each scoop. The flavors are also highly customizable to your likings – it is literally whatever you want with cream. Thus, making it the perfect dessert for those who like to get creative without getting into a food coma. Most places also allows the customers to get as many toppings as they want. What saddens me about 10 Below is that they do not have mochi (rice cakes) – ice cream with mochi is literally the perfect combination. Thus, for this reason, 10 Below is not my favorite ice cream roll spot. But it still is a really good place to go to since it is one of the OGs (original gangsters – the classic and the grand daddy) of ice cream rolls.

Other ice cream roll spots that I enjoy are:
1) Juicy Spot (actually prefer over 10 Below)
2) Penguin Ice Cream
3) Minus Celsius


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