Puerto Rico {Day 2}

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As for day 2, we first went to Fatty’s for brunch/lunch.

I got the Arroz con Pollo (stewed rice with chicken). It was beautiful. We ended up at Fatty’s because the day beforehand, when we were walking around Old San Juan, it was a location that caught our attention. Honestly, we did not know what this place had to offer, but one of my friends said she heard good things about it from others. Trust me. It did not disappoint.
My chicken was cooked really well and it was so easy to take apart. The avocado was also really delicious, as expected from Puerto Rico. I also really liked my rice, which came with beans. The plantains were also amazing. It was a bit crunchy on the outside, but it was all delicious inside.
The service was also really good. They let us know when our food would be coming out and how much longer we needed to wait. Honestly, it only took 10 minutes from the moment we ordered. Even when they said it would take longer to make the rice, we only had to wait 5 minutes. So service was A+

Menu: https://www.yelp.com/biz_photos/fattys-san-juan-2?select=URIwE_TnUMoZeuDF_0jUPA
There are more options for dinner.

After eating we headed over to paddle boarding at Lagunda Del Condado.

We first went to Marshall’s before going to paddle boarding because I needed to get flip-flops and the others wanted more summer things like hats, sun glasses, etc. From Marshall’s, we took an Uber to the paddle boarding location. We had passed over this location when we were driving from the airport to our Airbnb location. Our taxi driver had told us that this location was popular for paddle boarding, which we had seen people doing that day, so we definitely had to go back.
On the day we went, it was a bit cloudy but that was perfect because we were not about to get ourselves burned. This also made the weather bearable and a bit breezy. I believe it was $20-$25 for 2 hours and they provided us with everything, even a life vest. The person who was at the paddle boarding place was also really helpful and told us what to do like how to stand, how to paddle, and where it was shallow – cause this girl cannot swim and was not about to go in for a dive that day. Nonetheless, I was still able to go all around the lake AND stand on the paddle board. ACHIEVEMENTS. Post this, we were also given water for free. Again, service is A+

More about Uber:

Puerto Rico in Old San Juan and the main island area does have Uber, which will be the main mode of transportation. There are places like Vieques, which does not have Uber (this is day 3!)
Some of the Uber drivers do speak English, and can offer some travel tips and places to go. For the most part, the Uber drivers are pretty nice and do their best to help out. All of our Uber drivers were awesome.

Dinner at Vaca Brava

First off, I loved the guy in front – so shout out to him!

Second, we ate a meal like no other. It was meat, next to meat, next to meat, on French fries, with a bit of grass on the side. The whole thing was beautiful. The meat that it came with were chicken, ribs, and steak. Everything was cooked really well and I could not have asked for a better meal. We were also offered the mushroom sauce, and there were also other sauces that the meal came with as well. I can’t remember them right now, but just believe me when I say it was really good. This definitely is a meal for 3 to 5 people, unless you want a challenge and chow that down yourself.
There were also other really good things on the menu that the neighboring tables had gotten that I was peeping at while eating my own delicious meal – cause that’s what I do. There was a meal that came in this wooden bowl, that kind of looks like one of those pots that you mash things in. Not really sure what was in it, but it seemed to be a really popular dish in Puerto Rico.

After dinner, we walked around the area and stopped at a few souvenir stores and the open area that had a market.

Some things I saw that were interesting in the shops and the market area was the artworks. They all had pretty similar pieces, but there were a few that I was contemplating on buying and bringing back because it just screamed Puerto Rico. There were also shot glasses in the shops that I was also thinking of buying, but there was a local supermarket nearby that sold them for cheaper so I bought it there instead.
One of the shops also had a whole section of cat items – like statues, postcards, mats, etc. This was due to the fact that Puerto Rico has a high population of street cats. The merchandise was an attempt to help these cats with a facility other than the streets. Thus, some of the money would go to an organization that would help these cats out. When we go out around Old San Juan, we definitely did see a lot of strays. For the most part, they are harmless and are used to humans. I can’t imagine them getting violent, unless you are approaching them. So just let them be.

That is it for day 2 in Puerto Rico. Make sure to check out my video for a better depiction of everything, and day 3 will be posted soon!


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