NYC Vlogs: Museum of Sex

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This post will solely focus on the Museum of Sex portion of the vlog, and there will be two follow up posts on dinner: Boka and dessert: Spot Dessert.

The Museum of Sex is located at 233 Fifth Avenue in New York (corner of 27th Street).
Open from:
Monday – Thursday: 10am – 9pm
Friday & Saturday: 10am – 11pm
Sunday: 11am – 9pm

Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 4.29.34 PM

** There is a student discount ticket. You also have to be 18+ to enter the museum.

With that being said~
My thoughts after my visit to the Museum of Sex was very different from my first impression of the Museum. My high school was only a few blocks away from this place, so I would pass by the museum once in a while. The gift shop is the first thing you see when you pass by the museum. I had previously went into the store prior to going into the museum the second time around. The store and the workers were very open about sex. There were lots of dildos and sex toys. Perfume that were different scents that claim to stimulate getting it on.

I should probably state that this may be a topic that is sensitive to certain people, so before going on, this is just a warning and I am not stating anything to be offensive or mocking in anyway.

There were also books with full nudity. Plus other knickknacks like penis pasta, presidential condoms, etc.

When I actually went into the museum on my second visit, with the rest of the girls, I was surprised by the vast information stored in the museum. Right when you walk in, there is a lounge/bar. There were also a lot of pictures on display, almost like a gallery. Each picture talked about gay clubs, and LGBTQ links to the topic of sex. Then on the first floor, it had a bunch of toys and accessories, as seen in the vlog. There were certain things that definitely caught my attention like the bicycle in the center of the room with the hanging testicles and penis. Plus the different tools used on the reproductive parts.

However, the main reason I wanted to come to the museum was for the boob house.

There is a separate fee you would have to pay to have this in addition to the tour of the museum. You have to take off jackets, shoes, and leave behind any other things that is not part of your main clothes. We were only given 2 or 3 minutes inside the bouncy house (can I even call it a house?) It was very small, and nothing like what I had seen in the videos. So yes, it was a bit disappointing but I am still glad to say that I was able to jump onto boobs without injuring anyone.

After the boobs, we entered the Animal Kingdom where we learned about the sexual interactions between different animal species.  I did not catch this on camera, but it was the first time I saw an armadillo’s penis. Also the fact that ducks chase their rape victims to their death and proceed to go on.

The last floor consisted of more things about sex, but it dealt more with how the topic is seen in current times. Such as the development of sex movies and the whole porn industry. In addition, the use of sex within marketing – and the term of “sex sells.” It also talked about different glory holes that could be found around the city, and how that term came about.

Overall, the museum of sex was very different to how I thought it would be. I was taken away with the vast amount of information and learned so much about not only the topic of sex within our culture, but also in the animal kingdom.

I would definitely recommend coming here and jumping on boobs if you are in the city. Plus, the museum is located close to the Flatiron, Korea town, the Empire State Building, and a huge shopping district.


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