Too early for dessert? I think not.

There are three Spot Dessert locations currently in NYC:

So if you are looking for an early dessert, your best luck would be to head over to Korea Town!





The main dish that Spot Dessert is known for is their chocolate green tea lava cake. However, there are many other items on the menu that are worth mentioning such as the Golden Toast, the Kabocha Brulee Cake, and the Coconut Monkeybread.




I definitely remembering heading over to Spot Dessert back in high school, about 5 or 6 years ago. Before, Insider and Buzzfeed were the platforms everyone used for the latest news on innovative and cool ideas, everything was solely left to Facebook and word of mouth. The moment I saw the gush of chocolate escaping the cake in the virtual world, I knew I had to have it in reality. It definitely was worth the hype. It was a decadent cake, that was accompanied with a green tea ice cream. Although it is not shown in the picture, there is also a thin cookie on top of the cake. Everything just goes great together. I remember the first time eating it with my friend, that a couple beside us had also ordered it, and one of them actually took the plate and licked it clean. Yeah, it was that good. Though the price could have also been a factor (one of these dessert costs $9.15!!!!!!)

Other things worth mentioning of just the dessert tapas is The Harvest. Although this one is not one of my favorites, it definitely is unique. Everything except for the pot is edible! It is made to look like a plant. The little pot on the side that contains “water,” is actually a black rose milk tea. The “soil,” are actually crumbs, and everything within is the actual cake. Although I do think this concept is one of a kind, the whole cheesecake with fruit thing just did not do it for me. Plus, there was not much of the cake since the pot is so tiny.

Something that I do like on the menu, despite its simplicity, is the Golden Toast. It is a nice airy toast drizzled in honey with ice cream, cream, and strawberries on the side. This is a toast I would not mind eating for breakfast. I may also be a little biased to this because I have a thing for ice cream with bread, but hey, everyone has their preferences.

I also really enjoy the Coconut Monkeybread, however, I have had some hits and misses with this tapas. It comes in a cast iron, so do not, DO NOT, DO NOT, ignore the fact that it is being served on a wooden board to you for a reason. Within the cake there are pretzels, which often does go well with the ice cream on top and the chocolate drizzle, but for some reason, I have gotten it overly salty sometimes.

The Kabocha Brulee Cake is also really simple but if you happen to come by Spot Dessert in the Fall, highly recommend it since it has a pumpkin cake. I would eat it on the regular, but if you had to pick only one thing on your visit to Spot Dessert and it also happens to be Fall, why not opt out for this.

Although I do really like Spot Dessert and their tapas + other items on their menus, my wallet just cannot keep up with it. It definitely is a dessert bar that serves more upscale items, but there are definitely dessert places in the city that are nicer to your paycheck.
With that being said, there is the option of getting the tapas for a cheaper price if you order 3 and more, so bring friends!

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