Grace Street: K-Town: NYC: Shaved Ice Cream

To add on to your summer dessert cravings – here is another bingsu (빙수) post for you all!


This joint is located in Koreatown (West 32nd street).
Until 5 or 6pm, there is no table service, in other words, there is no need to pay tip until this point! In case some of you are trying to save some money, I got you covered! Plus, prior to this time, there is an better chance of you getting a table. It can get full and busy after 7pm, especially on a Friday night.

I really like the ambiance here and it is perfect if you are out with your friends and you want a chill area to sit and chat. If you are also in the area and tired from all the shopping, this is also a great pit stop for resting and energy reboot.
The different flavors of bingsu or shaved snow that they have here are green tea, black sesame, and sweet milk snow (with different toppings). The one in the featured image is the black sesame, which they call The O.G. on their menu. With the black sesame as the base, there is mochi, strawberry, misugaru (grain sesame powder), red bean, and it is all drizzled with condensed milk. If you have read some of my other dessert stuff, you will know that I am a HUGE fan of ice cream and mochi, so Grace Street already has that down. This shaved snow definitely reminds me of Snowdays, rather than using ice as the base, like many other bingsu, it uses ice cream. This definitely is a step up from the original bingsu because now you aren’t paying for ice and toppings.

There are definitely other things on the menu, but since I have not tried them yet, I cannot comment on it. I guess this means I gotta head over to Grace Streets again.

This definitely is an Instagram worthy food, as you can see in the picture. The price of this dessert is similar to Snowdays, but Snowdays offer different sizes thus different prices. If I were to get this dessert on a daily basis, it would definitely accumulate over time, so I would save this for special events or occasions.

Bottom line – is it worth it?

It definitely is a good quality dessert that is worth the bucks. I would definitely try it if you are in the area, and have never gotten bignsu or shaved ice cream before. However, this is not a dessert that I could probably afford everyday. If you are looking to treat yourself, or are out with your friends, hit this place up!


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