How does purple ice cream taste?

Question of the day: Does eating purple ice cream turn your poop purple?
I guess you’ll find out after eating this ice cream.

Unlike how other ice creams get their color, this purple ice cream is not purple because of food dye. Instead, it is purple because of this ingredient: ube, also known as purple yam. It is a popular ingredient used in Filipino desserts and can also often be found in other desserts such as halo-halo and ice cream. If you’ve ever tasted taro, which also happens to be purple (thought more on the pale side), they taste similar. The textures are different though as Ube has a smooth consistency while taro has a consistency of a potato.

Soft Swerve has gained a lot of their popularity for featuring this flavor as many other soft serve places do not have this. Also, check out the play on words with their store name! In addition to the ube flavor, they also offer other awesome soft serve flavors such as matcha green tea and black sesame. The quality of the soft serve is also great – a blend of smoothness and decadence.

In addition to the ice cream, they also have a bunch of toppings and cone options so you can definitely get creative.

Soft Swerve is located on 85B Allen Street, New York, NY 10002 and they are open Monday – Thursday: 2-11pm, Friday-Saturday: 12pm-12am, and Sunday: 12-11pm.

For more info check their website!

Also, your poop does not get dyed in the process haha.


Roll It Up just combined two awesome desserts into one store

As many people know, there has been a craze for the Ice Cream rolls and the Hong Kong egg waffles with ice cream. Up until now, there has been many pop-ups for these desserts, but there has never been a store that gave customers the option to get both at the same location.

Although the featured image only shows the Hong Kong egg waffles trust me there are many more options on their menu – take a look.

I have to say that the store is small and cozy, there are a few seats available but definitely not ideal for a big group to sit down and chat. They decorated their store with a sea theme in mind, so they have a lot of boats, fish nets, and blue objects. They definitely chose a great place to have the store because it is close to St. Marks, but not necessarily in the hectic area.

I can not say much on the other desserts that are on their menu, since I only went there once to try this Hong Kong egg waffle + ice cream, but I have a feeling I won’t be going back. It’s not that it was bad, it was good. I mean, you can’t really go wrong with this dessert. However, the order took a little longer than other Hong Kong egg waffle joints. Also, I got a green tea egg waffle, but I could barely taste the green tea. It also does not offer unlimited toppings like other egg waffle joints. The price was the same as other places, and it may be a bit more expensive if you add more toppings, which are 50 cents each. So with that being said, if the same is the same, I would rather pay the same amount but for something of better quality.

Bottom line, their main selling point is the fact that they not only have the extremely popular egg waffles dessert here, but they also have the ice cream rolls, and bubble tea. Thus, this is a great one stop shop for all your friends if you all want to stop by the same place but want different desserts or drinks. Though I do think it is great that they’re combining all this at one place, the quality is just not there. I would much rather go to a place that would be great in one kind of dessert and spend my money that way.

Puerto Rico {Day 1}

Watch my vlog here on my YouTube channel:


My friend Iris, who is also in the vlog, booked an Airbnb location in Old San Juan that was right next to the water. So the view was spectacular every morning. We also got that salty breeze so no air conditioner was needed. In the video, around the 0:12 mark is when you can see our Airbnb view.
The Airbnb we booked was called La Capitana – I’m having difficulty finding the exact listing. But, on my attempt on trying to look for it, I found other places in Old San Juan that has an Oceanview for a similar price.

Taxi Upon Arrival:

What amazed me about the taxi service after getting off the plane – which I did not touch upon at all in the vlog, is that there was a systematic order for how people could get a ride. Post landing, we lined up outside the airport and was asked how many people were in our party and we were given a piece of paper that stated the amount of people in the party, where we were going, and how much we would have to pay. We gave that slip of paper to the taxi driver when it was out turn, and everything worked our perfectly. Honestly, after flying and landing countless times in other countries, getting ripped off from a taxi was one of my biggest concerns. However, everything was very set and organized. We also asked the workers within the airport about pricing and everyone was on the same page. So either they were trained really well, or that’s just how things are. I’m choosing to believe that that’s just how things are.
This was just the start of me realizing how much Puerto Rico treats and caters to tourists. Cause there are a lot of us. Unlike New York City, my beloved hometown, and China, my kinda-motherland, people are not really out there to rip you off in Puerto Rico. So definitely a safe travel destination!

Los Yeyos:

This was the first place we went to cause we were starving children! Plus, I’m a foodie so I was extremely excited to try out Puerto Rican cuisine – this was the beginning of my profound love for Puerto Rican food. At Los Yeyos we got the
1) Shrimp Mofongo : mofongo is a dish with deep fried plantains that are mashed together –  every place does it differently, so you’ll definitely find a mofongo that you’ll like. Don’t give up!
2) Coconut Shrimp with fried plantains : thinking about this dish is making me hungry and salivate all over again. I’m also weak when it comes to coconut, and I guess that’s my Burmese side coming out. The fish was in a coconut sauce, but it was extremely savory and a bit salty, not creamy coconut at all. The fish also melted in your mouth! A must order at this location.
3) Beef Steak with onions, rice, and beans : I don’t think anyone can go wrong with a beef steak. It was also seasoned right and not hard to chew at all. This was my go to dish in Puerto Rico.
**We also got a regular mojito and a passion fruit mojito. I’m a big mojito lover and it definitely did not disappoint. They also had mango and/or papaya flavored mojito, even though I didn’t try it, I believe they’re worth a try.

Casa Cortés ChocoBar:

After dinner you always gotta have dessert. This place was BOMB. Everything they had incorporated some kind of chocolate. You can hear my friend in the video talking about the chocolate martini – I did not show it in the video, but it was delicious. Definitely a bit scary because you can taste the alcohol, but it was so good. You could have 3 or 4 more of those drinks and probably pass out because you were fooled.
They also had sandwiches and pastries that had chocolate. So you could have definitely had an actually meal here if you wanted. It would definitely be more on the pricer end and might not fill you up as much as compared to a regular restaurant, but you do you.

The dessert I got from the menu was a lava cake with vanilla bean ice cream on the side. It was soooo good and decadent. Plus, did you all see the gold sprinkled on my dessert in the video?! It was boujee af. If you have tasted Spot Dessert’s lava cake, its pretty much like that without the matcha. The chocolate was not as runny – it could be because they baked it for a little longer, or the cake was shorter so it did not have a lot of running chocolate. None the less, it was delicious. The vanilla ice cream was A+ Definitely had a good amount of vanilla bean in the ice cream, and I love vanilla bean ice cream with dessert.

Ice Cream Rolls: 10 Below Edition.

The hype has finally toned down, so the wait is no longer out the door.

Ice Cream Rolls: literally ice cream that are rolled, and usually decorated with whatever topping you desire. AKA stir-fried ice cream.

The way they do this is by adding cream, and the flavor: matcha powder, fruit, etc … to the cream that is on this machine. This machine is cold so that the cream mixture can develop into the “ice cream” texture. The person making your ice cream roll would have to mix and spread this mixture often (usually takes 5 minutes) for the consistency to form.

Enough of that … onto the taste and important stuff.

The ice cream roll featured in this post is from 10 Below. This ice cream roll joint gained popularity and all of Chinatown jumped on to the ice cream roll trend.

Honestly do not remember what I got exactly in this picture – but it was my first time. These ice cream rolls – and this is also true about other ice cream roll joints in the city, is that it is light yet creamy because you’re only catching a thin layer of ice cream each scoop. The flavors are also highly customizable to your likings – it is literally whatever you want with cream. Thus, making it the perfect dessert for those who like to get creative without getting into a food coma. Most places also allows the customers to get as many toppings as they want. What saddens me about 10 Below is that they do not have mochi (rice cakes) – ice cream with mochi is literally the perfect combination. Thus, for this reason, 10 Below is not my favorite ice cream roll spot. But it still is a really good place to go to since it is one of the OGs (original gangsters – the classic and the grand daddy) of ice cream rolls.

Other ice cream roll spots that I enjoy are:
1) Juicy Spot (actually prefer over 10 Below)
2) Penguin Ice Cream
3) Minus Celsius

Cheese Egg Tart – say what?!?!?

Learn Chinese!

Cheese: 奶酪 (năilào)

Egg tart: 蛋挞 (dàntà)

While I was in Hong Kong (香港) I was living in the Mong Kok  (旺角) area of Hong Kong (香港) – I would consider this the shopping area, similar to New York City’s SoHo.

One day while I was just walking around and about, I passed by this candy shop, however, outside the candy shop there was this big poster that had a picture of an egg tart with cheese gushing out of it and I’m like … well would you look at this creation. Plus, being the foodie that I am, I thought “hey, I like cheese, and I like egg tarts, ima go in and buy me a cheese egg tart.” I think this was kind of expensive – the equivalence of $3, BUT I found this cheese egg tart in Shang Hai (上海) for less than $1 SOOOOO I feel ripped off. But in Hong Kong (香港) they made it by themselves and was served straight from the oven, so I guess the quality of the cheese egg tarts in Hong Kong are better – though the taste was really similar.

I was thirsty when I purchased the cheese egg tart in Hong Kong (香港), but I knew that if I ate it later the taste was not going to be the same. So I sucked it up and took a bite out of the cheese egg tart, and let me tell you – this was magical. **Eating tip: eat this fresh.

Now that I am back home, I am wondering why does America, despite all of our creative and unique inventions, still have not created or brought over this lovely invention of cheese egg tarts – WHY?! The usual 蛋挞 (dàntà) you would see in NYC’s Chinatown is just a simple dense and crumbly pie crust, that is filled with sweet egg custard (mainly egg yolk). I am writing this is 2016, and the 蛋挞 (dàntà) in Chinatown is still under $1, so let’s keep it that way economy.

Ooo, thinking and writing about the cheese egg tart now is making my tummy growl and my mouth salivate. One day I will reunite with the cheese egg tart, but till then, I will stuff myself with other delicious food. Therefore, if you are ever in Hong Kong (香港) or in Shang Hai (上海) – be on the lookout for this awesome treat because it is a definite must try!

P.S. In Hong Kong (香港) there was a store for it but in Shang Hai (上海), I only came across it by accident and it was in a shop in the underground metro station, so I am not entirely too sure about how popular and accessible the egg cheese tart is in mainland China.