Gotta take a break in the Breakroom.

Me and my friend were walking around Chinatown and wanted to grab a bite to eat for dinner. While searching on Yelp, this place popped up. It reminded me a lot of another place that we had been to before called L.E.S Kitchen (blogpost for it will be coming right up!)

Breakroom – located on 83 Baxter Street  and their times of operations are:


Also while searching on Yelp, many of the visitors suggested that we order the Breakroom fries (shown in the picture), so we did. In addition to that, we got two classic burgers. They also have hot dogs, tacos, sides, and beverages on their menu that look like they are worth checking out.

Since me and my friend had recently been to L.E.S Kitchen not too long ago, we did a lot of comparing. Let’s start with the price: relatively similar. You can definitely get burgers at both joints for under $10. Atmosphere wise, Breakroom is darker and not as polished looking as L.E.S Kitchen. However, both locations definitely have a lot of young – street inspired items (stuff like OBEY and Stussy). Both locations are also quite small, Breakroom is slightly bigger and could probably fit up to 20 people, where as L.E.S Kitchen could only fit 10 people. They both do have a ton of hot sauce (YES).

Now that that is covered let’s compare the most important aspect: food.
When we ate at L.E.S Kitchen we ordered french fries and tater tots as our sides. Now, at Breakroom there was the Breakroom fries that had a ton of toppings like cheese, bacon, egg (sunny-side up), onions, and jalapenos. I loved it, but it got a little too cheesy. For those who enjoy a heavy set of fries, this is perfect for you. Also, if you are your friend cannot decide between fries or tots – this is the perfect side for you both because it includes both (this was actually our situation).

In addition to the fires, the burger were also worth comparing. I’m going to tell you now, I preferred L.E.S Kitchen over Breakroom for this. Breakroom’s burger was not bad but it just did not compare. The buns were a little bit thicker than what I would like in a burger. So I only ate one bun. The burger was also not as juicy as the one from L.E.S Kitchen. It definitely is not a bad burger, just not as good.

Overall, I did like this restaurant and do think that it is a place worth checking out if you are in the Chinatown/SoHo area. If you are looking for burger joint to eat at that is not expensive and not McDonalds or Burger King, this is the place for you.